Frequently Asked Questions

GeneaSearch was written by Banai Lynn Feldstein. Banai has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University in Computer Science, where she focused on programming. She has been a web developer since that time. She is also a professional genealogist.

GeneaSearch is the upgrade from a simpler search engine Banai created for the Jewish Genealogy Indexing and Research Collective. After creating CSI: Crowd Sourced Indexing, she wanted to upgrade the old code and create a search engine to work specifically with the CSI data.

While other search engine code is available for free, Banai wanted something better than the simpler search from Steve Morse, and could not use LeafSeek on her web hosting provider due to the additional required programs it needed.

Not at this time. There are other genealogy search engines available either for free or as open source that you can use.

If your organization would like to use GeneaSearch for itself, please contact Banai for details and prices for setting up a branded site.

Yes. We would be happy to add your database to our search engine. Perhaps you have a database too small for one of the big organizations to want, or you simply want it in more places.

If you'd prefer to have your database have its own site, please contact Banai for details and prices.